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PrimeWeb, division of Marketing Multimedia Group, has been working for 20 years now on the online presence of Businesses, by mixing graphic creativity, cutting-edge technical experience, operational marketing and communication.

The team, composed by multi-focused professionals, turns the office in a real ideas lab. Skilled on some vertical areas but always ready to explore new markets in order to learn new business models, PrimeWeb guarantees to its clients evolved project with a high quality standard.

PrimeWeb uses its proprietary platforms (MWeb and MCommerce), developed with the aim of making each client independent in managing the contents of its online presence.

PrimeWeb can count on the skills of the other companies of Marketing Multimedia Group:
- PerforMedia for the digital adv
- DigitalEvents for the organization of events


Assocomunicazione, BMW Group, Buonchef, Comieco, Dibaio, Elsevier, Famiglia Cristiana, Focus, Kartell, Pupa, Sanpaolo, StoreTouring Club, Udisense, and more…