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In 2001 Mimesi was set up in Parma. It's a company that operates in the information services sector and provides the market with an innovative service for drafting and subsequent utilization of the press review.

One of the strong points of the company is the fact that it has built its own software which means the production process is based on an entirely digital extraction of all of the relative articles from the press.

In 2007 Mimesi was acquired by Reed Business Information, a multinational leader in the BtoB information sector, a division of Reed Elsevier Group PLC. Being part of an internationally competitive company means that Mimesi can tailor and position its offer on the market much better. The entire gruop was recently acquired (August 2013) by DBInformation, owned by Roberto Briglia e Gianni Vallardi.

Today, Mimesi provides four different typologies of service: Press Review, Web & Social Media Monitoring, Analysis & Media Reputation, Audio-Video Monitoring.

Every year, Mimesi carries out and delivers to clients over 420,000 press reviews, conducted in a way that suits the client's requests. They are real fonts of information and analysis, and are decisive for those who are planning a defined type of communication strategy.

The winning recipe for Mimesi is its capacity to digitalise every single article, making it readily available for its clients at any time and on any type of medium (e-mail, web, intranet, iphone, ipad, mobile). The digital platform CN designed by Mimesi allows you to sift through an enormous database and pinpoint exactly what you need.

Mimesi360, launched in 2012, an analysis platform that allows to aggregate the press with the web articles and posts of blogs, forums and social networks. This is the first service in the Italian market that allows you to have Reputational Analysis of all media.