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LAVORICREATIVI is the first Italian portal for jobseekers and those who work in the world of communication in Italy.

A daily reference point for all Italian communication agency. was founded in 2000 in response to growing demand for staff in the world of communication in Italy.

The communications industry and creativity have entered a phase in which the turnover of staff is increasingly common and easily. born for this work-creative: to be a useful tool to be creative agencies.

-creative work has become the online meeting place between the demand and supply of labor in the world of Italian communications.

the service offered to users is completely free.

With the forum and with the presence on facebook is also a very active community where you can find many communication professionals to exchange ideas and opinions on issues both work in the Italian market of communication.
about 1,500,000 page views monthly

a fan on facebook: 42,000

registered with the site: 80,000

newsletter subscribers: 66,000