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Skebby™ operates in the innovative sector of online SMS messaging. The company has developed an innovative platform for the provision of SMS marketing & service solutions, accessible from third parties' applications and web servers via API as well as from any pc via a web application. Furthermore Skebby developed the first mobile app for free texts over the internet from any mobile phone defined by the press as the "Skype for SMS".

Skebby offers to large business, SMEs and public entities, SMS send and receive services, single or multiple in broadcasting, free or paid for, to communicate special offers and coupons, confirm events and appointments, deliver contents or gather info, requests and contributions or run surveys via text message.

The commercial offer includes solutions for all business:

- API SMS Gateway: by using Skebby you can send and receive marketing and CRM texts directly from your application, server or website, or email client via API. Integrate our gateway and start texting in less than 30 minutes!

- SMS Messanger
: the innovative web console to send SMS from any PC. You can send single or multiple SMS, customize the sender-id, import/export your contacts, ….


Skebby is one of the Italy’s leaving provider of SMS messaging cloud solutions and services, with millions of messages each month by over 16.000 businesses including leading internet and media companies and leading brands such as,,,,,, QVC, HSE24, IlSole24Ore, RAI, Focus, Cemit Mondadori, Seat Pagine Gialle, Jakala, Meliconi, Allianz Bank, GLS, Pricewaterhouse, Boscolo, Lombardia Informatica, Istituto Clinico Humanitas, and many more.