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Venture incubator di startup digitali

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Digital Magics is an investment company founded in 2004 by Enrico Gasperini, one of Italy’s first internet entrepreneurs, supported by Alberto Fioravanti, Gabriele Ronchini and Gabriele Gresta, all of whom are professionals with extensive experience in the Internet market. Since 2004 Digital Magics has invested approximately 10 million of its own capital and deriving from the exits. Digital Magics supported the launch of 35 new startups, and created over 300 jobs. Since 2008 Digital Magics has been working as private venture incubator, leader in Italy. In 2013 Digital Magics listed on AIM Italia,the Alternative Investment Market for small and medium-sized Italianenterprises with high growth potential organized and managed by BorsaItaliana (Italian Stock Exchange).

Digital Magics is a venture incubator:it sets up and launches internet startups, also investing equitycapital. It starts from talents and ideas, thus transforming them intosuccessful, disruptive businesses operating in the digital economy, bothin Italy and worldwide. The incubator fosters a culture ofentrepreneurship and risk, thus contributing to economic growth andincreasing the youth-employment rate. Digital Magics provides servicestargeted to foster the establishment and development of digitalstartups; it supports in the search of private and public investors,both Italian and foreign, to fund the next development stages.

The Digital Magics model is unique in Italy and is based on the Digital Magics LAB: the team that identifies, analyzes and launches new initiatives, providing the startups with mentorship, financial, administrative, strategic, logistic, technological, marketing and communication servicesas well as business management support to accelerate the company’sdevelopment. The LAB identifies approximately ten initiatives each year,which Digital Magics then sustains by using the funds generated by theexits and by working with other operators in the industry. Theco-financiers and buyers include a number of major industrial andVenture Capital groups, as well as several Business Angels.