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SHAA is one of the most advanced and innovative web company in the European market dedicated to interactive video online. The console is mainly offered to “professional” market segments such as web agencies and digital&media companies, as a tool to publish, manage, distribute, monetize and monitor videos and interactive videos on the web.
SHAA Video Platform is available as: Publishing video system, Avertising video system, Shoppable video system.
SHAA Video Platform’s major functions are:
INTERACTION, Interactive call-to-action inside the video, with multimedia content designed to encourage customer interactivity, engagement and to increase C.T.R.
IMPORT, to import files from hard disk, webcam, mobile devices, other websites (such as Flickr or YouTube) or from e-mail. Working on any device that has an internet connection, it manages either individual or bulk upload.
MANAGEMENT, it manages videos by converting over 60 different formats into the most suitable ones for multi-device use (including iPad and iPhone), and cataloguing them through categories, description and metadata that enable simpler web searches and improve the online positioning of the content. SHAA also allows you to create functional markers (for the division in chapters of the video, or the insertion of messages) and to manage the video editing.
CUSTOMIZZATION, to customize the player in order to facilitate its integration into the corporate website, by acting on layout, colours, dimensions, the addition of the company logo and custom buttons designed ad hoc.
SPREAD, to spread video content, offering the best solution and the best video format for the selected device.
DISTRIBUTION, to distribute media content on all devices, including iPhone and iPad via HTML5.
SHARING, to share videos on social networks (eg.: Facebook, Twitter, Google+) or syndication systems via MRSS Feed (Google, Yahoo, iTunes)
MONETIZE, turning the visiting customer into a purchasing customer thanks to video-seo, video-advertising and video-commerce
ANALISES, it produces detailed reports, to study the behavior of the audience with daily updated data, providing quantitative and qualitative information on the audience as numbers of views, ratings, dropout rate, interaction, websites of origin and many others.